Our story

These workshops were the next step in the logical line of the project, after the youth workers acquired the necessary knowledge to work online with young people. They put to use all the skills and knowledge learned within TC DIGIT.

We implemented 8 workshops - 4 coordinated by ASALT (in Romania) and 4 coordinated by Belen Kaymakamligi (Turkey). Each workshop had at least 5 participants.

The purpose of these workshops was to increase the number of young people from Romania and Turkey who are equipped with digital skills. These workshops are intended to last 3 days and to teach young people to use digital applications for their benefit and that of the organizations.

Among the applications learned by young people were:

The 14 youth workers were the most important members of the dissemination, they went to the local communities and contributed to the realization of the digital workshops. Each partner had 4 workshops of 5 young people each, 20 young people in total.

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