Our story

After Digital Mapping, followed the Training course - TC DIGIT. 14 youth workers participated in this activity: 8 from Romania on behalf of ASALT and 6 from Turkey on behalf of Belen Kaymakamligi. There were 5 days full of activities in which, through non-formal education methods, the youth workers acquired key digital skills as well as other skills.

The purpose of this activity was to equip youth workers with the necessary skills so that they can be elementary educational-digital triggers in the local community and within the organizations.

In the design of the activities, we took into account the needs identified in the Digital Mapping. We focused on applications such as:

The 14 youth workers were the most important members of the dissemination, they went to the local communities and contributed to the realization of the digital workshops. Each partner had 4 workshops of 5 young people each, 20 young people in total.

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